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A Springtime Road Trip to Virginia Beach

Since my husband, Ed, is always busy during tax season, we typically don’t take a spring break until after April 15… and boy did we need it! We have a timeshare, so we usually do a couple of short stay exchanges during the year.

Have I mentioned that I love to travel?

I would love to whisk away every other weekend to a new hot spot, soak up the sun, read an exciting new novel like Dan Brown’s Inferno, and sip on strawberry-coladas… day dreaming… okay, I’m back!

Enjoy some sun at Virginia BeachWhile it would have been nice to take a trip to some exotic and tropical location, we opted for an extended weekend road trip to Virginia Beach. It’s within driving distance of our home in Maryland, which means no airfare and an affordable weekend getaway for our family of four.

We were fortunate that the late April weather was in the low to mid-70s, which made for a nice beach day. The kids built sand castles, made sand angels, hunted sea shells and more. There weren’t many people really trying to get in the cold water. It was nice enough to look at and just take it all in, but alas I did venture in to search out a lost flip-flop. Mommy saves the day! Except not really, since the tide would have eventually brought it back in, but I was in “quick-thinking” mode and dove in. Brrr!

My little swimmers had a great time at the pool.We stayed at the Ocean Beach Club, which is pretty nice. I love their reggae-themed music that greets you as you enter. They also have a nice play room with toys and games for the kids and a great little indoor pool with fountains. Allegedly the pools are heated, but not enough for me at this time of the year. The kids and Ed had a great time at the pool until they couldn’t stand it anymore.

So, now we’re trying to figure out where to go this summer. I know, most people have summer vacation already figured out and locked in by this point, but it’s enough to make sure that homework gets done every night and the kids eat dinner. Figuring out and planning for summer vacation has to wait for one of those life pauses when I actually stop, take a breath, look around and say okay what’s next.

We will likely do another short stay exchange through Interval International and now since there’s not as much lead time our options will be limited. Last year, we ended up in Williamsburg, VA, which was still nice since the kids had never done the Colonial tour and Busch Gardens.

I just keep praying that God will send me four free tickets to Hawaii or some other tropical island. Maybe you could pray with me? 🙂


Written by Shara

May 18, 2013 at 9:00 pm