The Roads We Travel

A few days in a life journey.


Today, I had a reminder that even when you try to shut out hate, it’s never far away. Many times, it’s actually lurking around the corner, just waiting for your happy ass to skip through.

My heart was full of joy to see my baby girl back from her field trip to the LA Zoo. One of the moms chaperoning already warned us that the kids were hot, tired, and too through by the end of their excursion. So, I waited for the bus with great anticipation. The driver rounded the corner, drove two feet passed where I stood and pulled in to park at the curbside next to the school. I chuckled as I recalled the days of elementary school field trips on a bus with no air conditioning… windows down. I shared that anecdote with some of the other moms standing nearby.

What I didn’t share, although it made me smirk even more, was the memory of a classmate leaning out of the window to spit just as our bus pulled off again. The snot/saliva mixture flew out of the window and into the one right behind him, landing in another classmate’s hair.

Ew! Gross!

Anyway, it was horrifying at the time (and forever changed my school bus game), but today, it was just a silly memory that made me smile.

So, we gathered our children and everyone disbursed back to their homes or vehicles. We have a five-minute ride home. We hopped in the minivan while my daughter was chattering away, talking about snow leopards, snakes, and gazelles.

She hadn’t buckled yet, so while I waited for her to get settled I grabbed my phone to check my messages. We were still parked and in between two other cars.

Then, a large black pickup pulled up to my rear driver side and honked the horn. I looked back to see a middle-aged man hand gesturing impatiently — seeming to ask if I’m leaving or staying, so I gestured that I am leaving. But, I looked back and my daughter still hadn’t buckled. She was fiddling with her window. So, I asked her to get buckled before I pull out. I stowed my phone and no sooner, he pulled up next to my window and yelled in a very angry tone, “Thank you, very much!” To which, I waived your welcome as he sped away.

Now, since I was parked across from the school. I can only imagine that he wanted my premium spot to make his after school pickup easier, but that means he’s also likely a parent with a child at the same school as mine. He should realize that as parents, we seldom hop into a car with little ones and pull right off. He should know this.

Also, having a blue lives matter sticker in the back window of his pickup, he should also be happy that I wasn’t driving while checking my messages. I was being safe.

He should NEVER feel the need to shout down a mom with her child in the back seat, over a parking spot. He should realize there’s plenty of parking on the streets nearby and try not to make an ass of himself. He should, but he didn’t.

His hateful attitude was trying to creep into my peaceful life, my happy existence.

That’s how miserable people are. They’re like the common cold or a stomach virus traveling through the air in a cough or sneeze. When you come into contact with these germs, you’ve got to wash your hands — cleanse your soul.

So, I prayed for him and continue to pray for our family and our community. God help us. Sometimes germs spread quickly.


Written by Shara

May 1, 2017 at 9:37 pm

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