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The First Lesson for Growing Your Business and Living Your Dream

Life Lessons2015 started off a little rough. I’m still working through some of the issues. However, in so doing, I realized that I learned a lot in 2014 and in the years preceding. Some of which can be applied to the situations of 2015.

So, here’s the start of my cataloging some of these business and life lessons.

Disclaimer: I cannot promise that all of my lessons will be effective or acceptable for every business and lifestyle. Some, if not most, may be written with much snark — it just depends on my mood. Some will probably be ridiculous and wrong even for me, but all will hold value as I look back over the year.

Business Lesson #1
Trust, but verify.

In order for a business to grow, you have to trust others you hire to do their jobs at even a basic level of competency. However, as a business owner/leader, having processes and systems in place to verify that the work is being done at the quality and level of competency that you expect is crucial.

Unfortunately, people lie, cut corners and embellish qualifications for any number of reasons. So having a good screening process for hiring is important (all of my HR friends are nodding vigorously in agreement), but then once you bring a new person on board you’re trusting her/him with your brand. Systems and processes should be mandatory for everyone. This makes it much easier to trust, but verify.


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January 9, 2015 at 3:39 pm

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