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Stereotypes Keep Life Simple and Small

Some people are so sure that they have this life figured out. I’m still working on it, but I do have some navigation advice for those who want to head in a more enlightened direction:

Negative thoughts may cross your mind, but don’t give words life by uttering them. Maybe you aren’t even aware that some thoughts are negative. Try to get in touch with what you’re feeling as things come to mind throughout your day. Deeply examine those thoughts that cause you to feel fear, anxiety, hate or discord. Get to the bottom of your fears, so you don’t speak from a place of ignorance or pain.

Sweeping generalizations about a group or segment of society are often wrong, off base and out of touch. Statements like, “they always…” or “[said group] never …” have no place outside of valid research studies where segments of the population and their actions are clearly defined. Even then, most research results indicate correlation, not causation.

I think some people generalize, stereotype and discriminate to keep their world simple and small. Big and complex can be scary and overwhelming. It’s like organizing… when everything has a place, things run smoothly. So, I think that subconsciously some people find it easier to categorize people like things. And, just like things, they assign a level of importance and value.

I like Oprah’s approach (shocker) to thinking about each person as an individual with a story to tell. Everyone just wants to be heard. Just because my story has similarities to other women, minorities, moms or others doesn’t make it the same story.

My journey is unique. So is yours.


Written by Shara

May 19, 2014 at 2:41 pm