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A Mother’s Love

To Anna Rose

Some say a mother’s love begins at conception, though even before a seed is planted.

Fear, doubt, guilt and anguish circle the gates of her heart, but there locked inside is love.

Love so great that it conquers fear. Replaces doubt with hope. Soothes all guilt and anguish until all that’s left is the bright light of love and hope.

Hope, though, may fade as dark waters arise. Words unspoken until now. Silencing joy.

In that silence, fear threatens to reappear, knocking ever so fiercely at the gate. Sadness and sorrow cloud the sky.

But love now is bigger, bolder, braver and true. Love conquers all in me and you.

And though we may never meet in this life. I forever hold in my heart that bright light.

Burning strong — refueled by giggles, laughs, kisses and prayers.

Sleep now my child in heavenly peace, until the day that the Lord lets us meet.

My angel, to heaven go you quiet in sleep. The Lord waits with eager arms to hold and to keep.

Your work here is done, though you may not know, you brought mommy hope in an hour of gloom, taught me faith in the Lord when I dared to feel doomed.

Though these lessons are hard and fraught with great strife, forever they remain in my meaning of life.


Written by Shara

November 15, 2013 at 10:48 am