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Merry Christmas!

Christmas TreeTomorrow, my family will celebrate Christmas.

My kids will wake up and run downstairs to see what gifts they have from mom, dad and most importantly — Santa!

Through all of the scattered wrapping paper and squeals of excitement (and perhaps moans of disappointment too, lol), my heart will delight in the time we share as a family.

While their main focus may be on the gifts under the tree, I continue to remind my kids of the greatest gift of all — Jesus. But, my discussions about Jesus, God and faith, in general, center around love.

So, we talk about the ways we have shared God’s love with others this holiday season, including food and toy donations to the local animal shelter, gifts for the adopt-a-family with my son’s scout troop, sharing our toys with each other and friends who visit, and for my three year old a biggie — “using your words and not hitting or pushing.”

Some say Christians shouldn’t teach their kids to believe in Santa because Santa isn’t in the Bible. Since I haven’t read the good book from cover to cover, then I’ll have to take their word for it. However, does every saint or saintly figure have to be mentioned in the Bible in order to offer something good and positive to the world?

I guess that’s up to each parent and each family to determine.

I love that both of my children believe in Santa… and not just because of the naughty/nice list leverage. Santa extends the gift of God’s love by reinforcing Christ’s teachings of giving and kindness– in a form that crosses the boundaries of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, geography and more.

But beyond all of that, it’s just plain old fun.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Written by Shara

December 24, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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