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Looking Forward

Looking Forward: Happy New Year 2013Yesterday, I took a snack break (part of the Special K diet to get ready for my best friend’s wedding next weekend) and I watched the Steve Harvey show.

Steve is a funny guy and I always enjoy watching when I have the chance. But Steve is beyond funny, he’s really inspirational, he’s like Mr. Oprah.

On Steve’s show yesterday, there was a dad who is self-employed and a work-a-holic. His kids took him out on the town for a day sans electronics. It was an intervention to convey how much they needed his time and attention too.

I don’t think that I’m a work-a-holic, but I could relate with this dad. He felt that he needed to work at every moment of every day to provide for his children. I feel that way too and I know sometimes I’m working on their time. [insert mom guilt here.]

Steve shared that he used to do the same thing and called it “working hard not to fail” versus working to succeed. This reminded me of an “aha!” moment that I had earlier this month when I realized that I am fully aware of what I’m running from, but not really clear on what I’m running toward. I think about who I don’t want to be every day, but I need to start embracing who I already am and who I’m striving to be.

Each year, I draft an outline of my personal and professional goals for the new year and it’s a great exercise, but this year I plan to simplify things. My only goal is to get clear on what I want for and in my life. Simple enough, right?!

Maybe it’s just too hard to peg down what I’m looking forward to in this life. I have colleagues who have been trying to get me to create a vision board for years and I just haven’t been able to find photos that best represent a vision for my life in such a finite way. Maybe I should just randomly pick a few from my Pinterests boards…

I remember a few years ago trying to read The Purpose Driven Life. I’m not really sure what happened with that exercise, but I didn’t quite figure out my purpose– other than being a mom and helping others. I know, shocking!

Well, here I go again, but this time I have a different mindset to approach this task. I’m looking forward to being able to clearly articulate what I’m running toward. I’m looking forward to starting a daily focus on embracing my vision. For 2013, I’m looking forward.


Written by Shara

December 21, 2012 at 8:47 pm

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