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Improving Our Vocabulary… Together

The usual after school dialogue:

ME: So, how was school today?
N: Good
ME: Did anything fun or exciting happen?
N: Not really.

The End. Close the book. Good night.

My son has a fantastic vocabulary for a 10 year old, heck I’d even say for a 20 year old, but getting him to use it is… well, like pulling teeth. No seriously, pulling teeth might even be easier.

So, I’ve instituted daily dialogues. The goal is to help him practice speaking in full, expanded sentences with descriptive words. We try not to use words like “good” or “great”, since his teacher calls these “garbage words.”

Our little dialogue time has proved to be very beneficial… for me. Guess who else uses a lot of garbage words and jargon all of the time? In this fast-paced life of 140-character tweets and minimal text messaging, it’s no wonder I can eke out a coherent sentence or two on a regular basis.

So I’m grateful for our daily dialogues. This little experiment may turn out to be precisely what we both need.

Cheers to improving our vocabulary, together!


Written by Shara

December 7, 2012 at 3:26 am

Posted in Learning Together

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